YEAR: 2023






This facility is special for the BAREX team for several reasons. Firstly, the co-owner of the bar is Stepan Tsutsman, secondly, Maksym Romashok has designed this bar, and now he works in it. Thirdly, this is the only facility in our history, where only the 19th zoning option was finalized, and it took 6 months.

Therefore, HRAM is a cocktail bar with five bar counters, a stage and a kitchen, designed to meet the needs of 300 relaxing sinners.

In addition to the three main bars - Vitrage, Smoky and Centrum, where the faithful gather, there is also a hidden service bar that serves only waiters and a secret bar, which we will describe later.


In our opinion, the Vitrage bar is the most attractive bar in the facility.
Patrons are magnetically drawn to the handmade stained glass window, and are only limited by the bar. This bar is designed as an "island with an adjoining" so that guests seated around it can see each other, not just the stained glass.

This small counter has only two workstations and is designed for comfortable work of two bartenders. Stations for bartenders are located in such a way that they work facing the main group of guests in the hall. There are two combined stations, a freezer and a refrigerated table.



● First, it can change its location. That is, it can move. This is the first time we've done this, and we've never seen it anywhere else. The bar can change its location depending on the format of the event on that day. For example, if the venue hosts a performance, the bar can be moved and connected to communications in another designated location.● Secondly, we painted the equipment of this bar black, because the bar is clearly visible from the second floor, and we did not want the stainless steel to fade from the lighting.● Third, Centrum is the most compact two-bartender bar we have ever created. Its functionality is highly dependent on the skillful bartenders who operate it to ensure efficient operation.



It got its name because of its location on the second floor of the establishment, where smoking is allowed. Because of this, this bar serves strong and smoky cocktails with smoke.

Like all other bar counters in the establishment, this bar is designed to accommodate the work of two bartenders and has two combined stations, a freezer, and a refrigerated table. Just like in the case of the Vitrage bar, this is sufficient to serve the surrounding patrons.

Successful zoning, based on the "island with attachment" principle, allows guests to be positioned around the bar, where bartenders are at the center preparing their intricate mixes.



In HRAM, there is a hidden hall where not everyone is allowed for confession. That's why it's called "secret." This hall has its own unique atmosphere, DJ, lighting, and even a scent, designed for 40 guests. Of course, it has its own bar counter as well.

This bar is already larger than others and is privileged among both bartenders and guests. It was designed with the consideration that two bartenders will be working behind it. Therefore, inside, we have a double cocktail station, freezer cabinets, and a refrigerated table. Unlike other bars in the establishment, the listed equipment is slightly more because it serves all the guests of the secret and the waitstaff in this hall.



A curious restaurateur may ask a question: "Why do I need to have a hidden bar and expand my staff because of it?" But we are ready to explain this decision.● First of all, HRAM is a bar, and the percentage of cocktail sales in the total sales of the establishment is close to infinity. For this format of the establishment, it is important to create convenient conditions for service. Waiters need to be able to easily pick up the ordered cocktails without wasting time collecting them from three different bars. They can also hand over dirty dishes to the sink while they are on the move.● Secondly, we leave bartenders at three contact bar counters for guests only. For exquisite serving and guest service, bartenders will not be distracted by waiters, and the latter will not interfere with guests picking up their orders. All happy)
In a dedicated area, we have a service bar, where three people work to serve the waiters. We also have a preparatory area where premixes for all cocktails from all bars are prepared before the opening of the establishment.
Without these components, the establishment simply could not exist.

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